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MS Windows Xp pro Sp2 + Office 07 (Today Only) Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition With SP2 on CD + OFFICE Enterprise 07. Unlimited Installs PRODUCT KEY INCLUDED FULL VERSION ON SPECIAL $59.99 ... Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Groove 2007, Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, Microsoft Office Word ...

The blog of Russ (snake) Michaels: 1402 Error when installing ...

Here you will find lots of stuff about ColdFusion, tech support and hosting, but the occasional random ramblings about motorcycles, tattoos, the state of the world, rogue traders, product reviews and other stuff that makes me rant.: 1402 Error when installing Microsoft ... Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 encountered an error during setup. Error 1402. Setup cannot open the registry key. UNKNOWN\Components\3D5095D39455BD341908312EDABA9DD8\00002109F10090400000000000F01FEC. ..

The Complete Guide To Microsoft's Office 2010

As I just posted over on my blog, I think this could open the enterprise up to web applications. The key is that the web-based versions of the office applications look like they can be installed as part of Sharepoint, allowing enterprises to keep full .... Jonathan, Sparklines were available in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 since 2006. Bonavista Systems created an Excel add-in to provide sparklines and other missing charting options in Excel with their microcharts product. ...

Initial predictions – what MS Office 2010 technologies can bring ...

Nevertheless, current announcement put some more lights on coming technologies and specific product features. Some of them, in my view, can influence Product Lifecycle Management industry and some of the key players. ... Therefore, influence from Microsoft Office online apps can be much more significant in comparison to the future Google Apps for enterprise. Microsoft will be able to put very close versions of MS Office products such as Excel and Word. ...

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LG Cookie KP 500 | lg cookie supported video codec

الراقية الكاملة على اتصال عبر الهاتف من خلال شاشة إل جي
هذا الثمن الكامل جذابة على اتصال شاشة الهاتف كاملة مع آخر لمسة والتكنولوجيا والمعالم الموجودة في القائمة الراقية من الهواتف كاملة تعمل باللمس المتاحة في السوق


• 3" Full touch screenLG_Cookie_KP_500

The 3.0 inch wide full touch screen is more screen “real estate” to better enjoy watching videos, playing games, and looking at photos. Bigger is better and that also makes it easier to use by physical touch since larger icons are easier to navigate than smaller ones.

• Active flash UI

The user interface is so intuitive that users will want to explore and master all of the functions and features of the LG-KP500. The UI allows users to access menus easily and shift around other menus simply and quickly with just one touch.

• Handwriting & Editing

The easy-to-use smart handwriting recognition function of the LG-KP500 allows users to send text messages without using the touch keyboard. It is possible to write in complicated languages such as Chinese. In the photo mode, users can easily edit their photos with the stylus pen.

• Motion sensor game
Using advanced motion sensor technology, the LG-KP500 adds more fun interactivity to games so users can enjoy mobile entertainment in a more dynamic and exciting way.
The games loaded on the LG-KP500 use a motion sensor that requires the user’s eye-hand coordination to balance, flip, shift, and twist the handset to play the games.

• Auto rotating display
The QWERTY onscreen keyboard slides into view when the LG-KP500 is held horizontally, and the auto rotating display always shifts images or documents for proper viewing no matter which way the handset is turned.

• Embedded stylus pen
Since the stylus is embedded in the handset, the user instantly write a memo or edit a photo without having to search around for the stylus pen which often gets lost or misplaced.
The appearance of the phone is not sacrificed with the embedded, artfully "concealed" in the handset.



O (500)/ O / O


Basic Specifications

Card bar

RF band
EDGE, GSM (850/900/1800/1900)

Dimension [LxWxD] (mm)
106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9

Weight with Batt. Standard (g)

Standard Battery, Max (mAh)
900mAh, Li-Ion (Inner Pack)

Stand-by Time, Max (hrs)
350 hr

Talk Time (hrs)
3.5 hr

Display External LCD (pixel) #of Color
240x400 (3

Vibration Alert


WAP (version)
O (2.0)

Download/Save as Support

Data Connectivity

O (2.0) / O


O / O

Phonebook (# of names)
O (1000 entries)


Wallpaper/Screen Saver
O / -

Picture/Ringtone Downloading
O / O

Advanced Features

Java (version)
O (2.0)

MIDI (palyphonic)
O (64)

FM Radio


Built-in Game (# of games) / Java Game (data CD)
Tomsons&Touch/Pipe game/flying dices/wheel mania

Video Recording/Video Capture

Audio Codec
O (MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / WMA/ RA)

Video Codec

O (3.0MP, CMOS FF)

Internal Memory (MB)

External Memory (MB)
O (Micro SD up to 8GB)

O (2.1+EDR)

Document Viewer
O (MS Office, Doc, PDF)

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BlackBerry 7730 Features Available

نظرة عامة
بلاك 7730 ® اللاسلكية المحمولة وتشمل الهاتف ، والبريد الإلكتروني والرسائل القصيرة ، ومنظم للتصفح التطبيقات اللاسلكية في جهاز واحد. انها ميزات جافا ™ تطوير منصة كبيرة وعالية ودعم القرار عرض أكثر من 65،000 الألوان

Features Available*

blackberry-7730The data and voice-enabled BlackBerry 7730™ features:

  • Phone, email, SMS, browser, instant messaging and organizer applications in a single wireless handheld*
  • Large, high resolution screen to provide ample workspace
  • Vibrant display supporting over 65,000 colours
  • Available memory for application and data storage
  • Java™ development platform based on open standards
  • Integrated attachment viewing
  • Exceptional battery performance 
  • Tri-Band handheld, operates on 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS wireless networks, allowing for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

* Check with service provider for availability of browser feature and email account support, roaming arrangements, coverage, and service plans. Certain features outlined herein require a certain BlackBerry wireless device or a minimum version of BlackBerry Desktop Software and/or BlackBerry handheld software.

Getting Started

Setting up your smartphone

Whether you’re using BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry® Internet Service, setting up your BlackBerry smartphone is simple and can be done completely over-the-air.

Not sure whether to set up your smartphone for BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Internet Service? Follow these guidelines:

BlackBerry Internet Service

Use this option if one or more of the following apply:

  • You purchased your smartphone in a store
  • You want to set up a new email account for use with your smartphone
  • You want to send and receive email messages on your smartphone from one or more existing email accounts
BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Use this option if one or more of the following apply:

  • You want to receive messages from your corporate Microsoft® Outlook®, IBM® Lotus® Notes® or Novell® GroupWise® email account
  • A system administrator is managing BlackBerry Enterprise Server within your company
  • A system administrator has confirmed that you are permitted to use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • You subscribe to a wireless service that supports account setup using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

For instructions on setting up your email with BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Internet Service, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Before setting up your email with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you will need to contact your IT department to request:

  • That an account be set up for you on your organization’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Your enterprise activation password

Features Available
Wireless Email
Phone and SMS
Corporate Data Access*
Connected Organizer
Wireless Internet
BlackBerry Internet Service Instant Messaging****

4.76 x 3.03 x 0.71 inches /
12.1 x 7.7 x 1.8 cm (LxWxD)

5 oz / 142 g

Backlit QWERTY keyboard

Thumb-operated trackwheel

Integrated speaker and microphone, hands-free headset

Tone, vibrate, on-screen or LED indicator

User Interface
Intuitive icons and menus

Vibrant display supports over 65,000 colors

Removable/rechargeable Lithium

Battery Life**
Up to:

  • 5 hours - talk time†
  • 9 days - standby time†

16 MB flash memory plus 2 MB SRAM

Embedded RIM® wireless modem

Email Integration Options***
Integrates with an existing enterprise email account
Integrates with an existing personal email account
Integrates with a new handheld email account

Includes BlackBerry Desktop Software
Supported by version 3.6 or higher

Works with BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Supported by:

  • Version 2.1 or higher for Microsoft® Exchange
  • Version 2.0 with Service Pack 2 or higher for IBM® Lotus® Domino®
  • Version 4.0 or higher for Novell® GroupWise®‡

Handheld Security
Password protection and keyboard lock

Accessories Included
USB cradle for charging and PC synchronization
International travel charger
Swivel holster

Tri-Band: 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS networks

Works In:
US (1900 MHz)
Canada (1900 MHz)
Europe/Asia Pacific (900/1800 MHz)

*Requires a minimum version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software
**Battery life may vary based on usage
***Contact your service provider for service availability and pricing
****Check with service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. Certain features outlined herein require a minimum version of BlackBerry software.
† Based on GSMA PRD TW.09 Battery Life Measurement Technique. Actual results may vary.
‡ Requires device software v4.0 or higher.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Vs Fifa 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Vs Fifa 2009 | download update pro evolution soccer 2008

Well the time of year has again approached where the two rival football games go head to head in the Christmas war. Who will come out the most successful? Who knows, only time can tell. But let's have a look at both games and rate each one.

Fifa 2009

First we take a look at Fifa 2009, the game which is highly anticipated every year looks to have improved itself on the game play side of things. From the start Fifa have this time wanted to get the game completely right, they begun the creation of Fifa by gathering criticisms from gamers and critics and it has sure paid off.

The game is much more improved then as of previous years, including ball physics and the collision system. You can also switch the camera view to any specification that you would like. But it does not end there, Fifa have made some amazing additions to the game such as the Be a Pro Seasons mode, the Adidas Live Season, and the 10-on-10 football. This all sets Fifa up to potentially dominate the football games industry once again.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Well pro evolution soccer look to have put its gear stick on full throttle, and have realised they needed to bring back the game that won so many peoples hearts on the PS2. The game play is very much similar to that of its golden days, but it looks as though PES have not really considered the graphics side of things very well.

But the positive site of things is that the game play is very natural in itself and not to mention that they have the UEFA champion's league licence, they also have Manchester Utd's and Liverpool's licenses, but besides from that the rest of the players have obscure names.


Well in my eyes there can only be one winner, Fifa's new revamped look and game play over the last few years has set them up to dominate the gaming industry. There graphics completely trumps over those on PES, and with Fifa owning a lot of the unique licences, PES still has a long way to go. The once dominating football game for the PS2 has been outwit and outrun by the all so mighty Fifa.

This being said though, the overall game play of PES does still grow on you after a while, but as technology progresses that just is not enough and more needs to be done.

Compared to all other football games these two knock the socks off the rest.

PES 2009 vs FIFA 09 - which would you buy?

At this point if you could only buy one, which one would you probably buy? why? --

I would buy either. I will never buy a game before I read reviews after it's out or until I have rented it. This PES vs. FIFA thing has been going on for awhile. Any post in this Q that has an answer of "FIFA rules, PES Sucks" ect. Please don't waste anyone time. If you are going to state FIFA or PES is better, explain why. And use at least a paragraph.
Not going into much detail I'll give a few of my thoughts.
Since I've been leaning towards PES recently. Last Fifa I owned was 2007 on the PS2. I also had PES 07 of the ps2 and ended up tossing FIFA and owing at PES. The reason being, because it felt like I was actually playing. Controls responsive, player movement fantastic, the game play, need I say more.
However, FIFA in it's self is an awesome game! All the players, all the teams, the best online mode, and the manager mode is so much more in depth. Since EA has a lot of experience in the "career mode" (ie Madden)
that's what I really feel FIFA has over PES.
If PES09 master league isn't changed, I just don't see myself buying it. I spent 95% of all my PES playing time in that mode. I live in ML, but it's been the same for so long that I feel like buying the new game is a rip off.
But this PES vs FIFA has been going on so long that it's the same year after year. People saying how PES will be this, and FIFA will do that, but in the end, recently it seems that both games have been letting us down.

PES 2009: Review Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0Beberapa bulan yang lalu GamingAccess telah merilis patch terbaru untuk PES 2009 dengan nama Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0. Menakjubkab! Begitulah pengalaman  setelah me-review patch untuk PES 2009 PC ini. Berbagai fitur menarik serta banyak hal baru yang ditemukan pada Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0. Apa saja hal baru yang ada? Bagaimana cara menginstallnya? Apa saja kekurangan yang ada pada patch ini? Berikut adalah ulasan spesial .

Kualitas Grafik dan Update Lengkap Original Kits

Dibandingkan dengan Patch lainnya, developer patch Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0 seperti sangat serius sekali dalam membuat update yang super lengkap agar PES 2009 menjadi benar-benar original. Kostum, badge, logo, serta pernak-pernik klub dan tim nasional ditampilkan dalam desain aslinya.

Tampilan game juga terlihat lebih halus, terutama pada saat menampilkan Replay pemain dalam modus Autofocus, mirip dengan fungsi Autofocus pada kamera digital ketika menyorot salah satu pemain tapi pemain lainnya terlihat sedikit agak buram (blur).

Beberapa “benda asing” yang biasanya terlihat pada pertandingan sepak bola sesungguhnya juga terlihat. Misalnya, jika Kamu bermain di stadium Old Trafford (Markas besar Manchester United) Kamu bisa melihat botol-botol minum dipinggir lapangan juga didalam gawang, baik gawang tim kita maupun lawan.


PES 2009: autofokusScoreboard yang ditampilkan selama permainan juga dapat diganti loh. Ada 8 pilihan desain Scoreboard yang berbeda EPL Premier League, Premier Bundes Liga, Sky Sports, ESPN HD, Setanta dan lainnya. Kamu bisa menggantinya melalui aplikasi bernama Scoreboard Selector yang bisa diakses pada direktori Pro Evolution Soccer 2009\gakserver\scoreboard.exe. Screenshotnya bisa dilihat pada bagian akhir artikel ini.

Beberapa fitur lainnya seperti update face, Ball, dan lainnya dapat kamu lihat pada bagian Screenshot diakhir artikel.

Statistik Skill Pemain Disesuaikan

Nah, ini dia yang membedakan Gamingaccess Community Patch dengan patch lainnya. Menarik, bahwa kemampuan pemain disesuaikan dengan kondisi dan prestasi yang dimilikinya saat ini :) Misalnya Maldini (AC Milan) mengalami penurunan dalam stats Defense karena faktor usia.

Shevsenco (AC Milan) mungkin dulu seorang striker yang handal, tajam, dan gesit. Tapi sekarang prestasinya menurun. Oleh sebab itu Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0 menurunkan beberapa stats striker yang minim prestasi. Beberapa pemain lainnya yang sudah lanjut usia, prestasi menurun, dan jarang tampil karena cedera juga mengalami penurunan stats.

Lain halnya dengan pemain yang berprestasi, top skor, dan bermain bagus musim ini akan mengalami kenaikan stats. Jadi benar-benar mirip banget dengan keadaan sepak bola di kehidupan nyata. Apa yang Kamu lihat di Tv, itulah yang akan Kamu mainkan di komputer :)

Dan Inilah Kekurangannya…

Kelihatannya memang gak ada kekurangannnya.  juga sebenarnya gak menemukan kekurangan yang berarti. Salah satu faktor yang bisa membuat gamer gak menggunakan Patch ini adalah game akan terasa berjalan lebih lambat dari biasanya. Hhhmmm terutama akan sangat terasa bagi pemilik PC dengan spesifikasi hardware yang pas-pasan.

Jika Kamu sedang merintis karir melalui mode Master League dan Become a Legend bersiaplah untuk kecewa karena File hasil Save-an gak bakal bisa dibuka, juga untuk Replay gol dan lainnya.

Liga Belanda yang biasa kita sebut Eredvise malah tidak DHINATACOM temukan, jadi klub-klub yang ada pada liga Belanda berada dalam wilayah FIFA, digabungkan bersama klub dari Liga Portugal, Skotlandia, Brazil, dan lainnya.

Ada juga bug pada keyboard controller. Gamer yang biasanya bermain dengan keyboard bisa jadi akan mengalami kesulitan karena terdapat delay antara waktu menekan tombol dan respon pergerakan pemain. Sering juga pemain bergerak lurus dan sulit bergerak bebas saat mendribble bola.

Link Download Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0
  1. Gamingaccess Community Patch 2.5 - Full Version
  2. GamingAccess Community Patch Update 2.5 >> 2.6
  3. GamingAccess Community Patch Update 2.6 >> 3.0

Kamu harus mendownload semuanya! Ukuran filenya cukup besar, total sekitar 440 Mb

Cara Install Gamingaccess Community Patch 3.0

Untuk patch ini  menjamin Kamu gak akan kesulitan menginstallnya seperti patch-patch yang dulu. Cukup double klik file patch lalu ikuti perintahnya dengan mengklik Next dan Next lagi hingga selesai. Sebelum menginstall patch ini pastikan bahwa game PES 2009 Kamu masih bersih alias belum dinstall patch apapun.

Urutan install patchnya seperti ini:

  1. Gamingaccess Community Patch 2.5 - Full Version
  2. GamingAccess Community Patch Update 2.5 >> 2.6
  3. GamingAccess Community Patch Update 2.6 >> 3.0

Pokoknya gampang banget deh

Setelah instalasi patch selesai Kamu HARUS bermain PES 2009 melalui File GCP2009.exe dan gcp_settings.exe untuk membuka aplikasi setting PES 2009. Shortcut dan iconnya bisa Kamu lihat pada desktop atau Start Menu Windows.

Penilaian Hasil Review

Kualitas grafik: *****
Kompatibitilas: *****
Kemudahan Penggunaan: *****
Database Uptodate: *****
Kelengkapan dan Originalitas: *****

Catatan: Nilai ditentukan oleh banyaknya bintang merah.

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Segala Tentang Dewasa, Gedhe Dawa Rosa

Kerata basa atau singkatan untuk dewasa yakni gedhe dawa rosa (besar, panjang dan kuat), ingat kan slogan extra joss? rosa - rosa, itu bukan bunga loh. tetapi maksudnya bertenaga besar. bisa dong diaplikasikan ke dewasa he he berikut adalah kolesksi kisah terdewasa untuk anda yang sudah di atas 18 tahun sebab jika belum cukup umur saya jadi malu sendiri wakakakaka ceritanya dimulai ketika pada suatu hari.. seorang nona yang berbaju merah rok mini, .... kasur itu dijemur ... tamat.
cerita dewasa... cerita dewasa indonesia dewasa dewasa situs dewasa tk cerita dewasa seru dewasa situs tk dewasa indonesia situs cerita dewasa seks dewasa gambar lucu cerita dewasa situs cerita dewasa seks dewasa humor dewasa majalah dewasa gambar dewasa indonesia tk dewasa khusus com dewasa dewasa dewasa indonesia daftar dewasa situs cerita cerita dewasa gay indonesia sedarah seks 17thn dewasa cerita dewasa kumpulan cerita cerita dewasa indonesia seks cerita dewasa panas dewasa vcd cowo dewasa cerita dewasa orang dewasa tk video 2 dewasa dewasa seks dewasa indocari khusus dewasa film 17 cerita dewasa tahun dewasa kisah nyata cerita cerita dewasa indon sedarah seks dewasa wanita cerita dewasa malaysia dewasa gambar lucu yang dewasa forum dewasa situs video 18 dewasa tahun dewasa majalah pria cerita dewasa erotis cerita dewasa khusus dewasa indocari indonesia situs web1000 cerita dewasa tk cerita cerita dewasa cerpen dewasa dewasa blog cerita dewasa dewasa indonesia majalah cerita cerita cerita dewasa gay indonesia lucah sedarah seks cerita cerita cerita dewasa gay indonesia sedarah seks cerita dewasa dewasa komik dewasa khusus situs dewasa sms cerita cerita dewasa indonesia sedarah seks cerita dewasa indonesia ngentot sedarah dewasa kisah dewasa jurnal perkembangan psikologi 17tahun dewasa khusus bugil dewasa dewasa foto cerita dewasa hot cerita dewasa koleksi
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We're gonna apologize in advance for posting these pics of Paris and Doug just a few pieces of fabric away from doin' the nasty right before your bleeding eyes. But we just couldn't help ourselves.

You see, P & D are still in Cannes, taking their PDA show on the road and profusely rubbing it in all our pupils. You know what's feeding this, don't you? Everyone's watch our darling Rob Pattinson instead of Pare-poo…

So this is the quasi-graphic result. I mean, it's too much, really, First, Paris pretends she doesn't know who in the world heartthrob leader R. Pattz is, and now she's just trying to take everybody's panting eyes off the far fresher headliner! What a dirty girl, indeed.

Now, if there were a live stage version of Paris' sex tape, this would be the dress rehearsal, gotta say. Any alleged sexiness that could have transpired between these two totally goes out the window with the cheesy sloppiness the spoiled brats seep out of their pores. Parey must be making up for all that lost time she spent dating Benji, cooking dinner, making herself less of a sleazy, dancing punch line. Doug's excuse? Doesn't need one!

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