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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, you searched for Tukang nggame (all pages starting with "Tukang nggame". All pages that link to "Tukang nggame") Did you mean: Tukang nogame? No article title matches .. Why? Because nggame is non standard word in Indonesian language.
What about Kampanye Damai? the free encyclopedia You searched for kampanye damai (all pages starting with "kampanye damai". All pages that link to "Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009"). Did you mean: kampung damai - No article title matches.
The word Tukang mean expert in his or her field. And nggame mean gaming in English language. Nggame or gaming in English language come from verb game which mean is playing. In the mean time, nowadays a game has terminology transition in to a electronics or computing game.
Now, if you ask to little boy what is nggame? then he shall refer to a computer game or play station game, such as GTA grand theft auto, Need for Speed, and Nascar so forth. Although playing seek and hide is a game, this kind of game is not considered as real game for tukang nggame nowadays.
There is an interesting news today from my friend from my city public hospital. There is another SEO contest with keywords Tukang Nggame. I still don't know who is the source, but firstly is make a site for this contest. Although I'm not expert in ngegame neither to Search engine Optimization. But it is worth to try.
to win or lose for the real tukang nggame are nothing, the most importance is fun of gaming itself. So my friend. Try and winning this game! I will support you my friends.

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