Tukang Nggame

Apakah gerangan tukang nggame itu? that was a contest! a SEO contest

Rule of The Tukang Nggame Seo Contest:

  1. Sites is free to use any platform (joomla, wp, drupal, blogspot etc)
  2. The Content of tukang nggame contestant's site may not contain any material that violate Indonesian legal law (warez, pornography, gambling etc).
  3. Contestant must register first in http://yudhis97.net/topsites and place the script from top sites as mentioned.
  4. For non game sites recommended to choose non game category.
  5. Contestant that is not registered is breaking the tukang nggame regulation and considered as banned or in other way not a contestant anymore.
Now I've already known who is held in Tukang nggame Seo contest. His nick name is yudhis97. That's all I know. I think he is kind of straight man of the word, but I'm not sure whether searching with key word "Tukang nggame" on Google.com using any preference or not.

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