Tukang Nggame

Laziness is the main enemy of success but now I stricken with this is enemy. May be I am in despair, when despair is sin. But what else could I do in this Tukang nggame and Kampanye damai SEO contest? Now, though already indexed in google.com but it is only occasionally. While requirements Pogung om later judgement is Google.co.id with the keyword search peaceful election campaign in Indonesian at 2009. Even though my blog is now the position is in the order of 29 versions google.com but if the wind is not supporting me at all by google.co.id isn't it only greatest lie?
Now, although this has been tried earnestly and desperately still does not make it show up in the list result of search by Google.co.id. Hence the original header already I've sacrifice become Tukang nggame peaceful election campaign in 2009 Indonesian, now I have returned to past state "village of cindaga | when the crime is born". Crime will not change to a cream, especially creamasia, he he.
However I remain very grateful to mas and mas Pogung and Yudis for all. There are much I've learn from this campaign and tukang nggame contest, still reap super valuable lessons from this SEO contest.
Que sera sera, everything is now under wear.
I also apologize to the loyal this Visitors Cindaga blog that last posting ragged and not uniform, it may make you angry and annoyed. Far from analyzing the crime as promised, and far from politic law watch the main purpose. But for more advanced someone often should fall and get up many more. Old post within the theme tukang nggame and peaceful campaign that has been already posted is still and I do not have intention to erase because I will always appreciate the wisdom history. History walking direction and should not know the word of "undo". Because along with the decisions created the identity of who we are, indeed. People often try to avoid the past, but the past is like our shadow that will follow us until the end. How someone can always move advance if he have fear to his black past period?
To post next, I Lucid promised to give the best to keep readers and fairness in a corridor as recommended by Google, our beloved brother.

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