Tukang Nggame Part Time

Tukang Nggame very busy rencently, My brother getting married soon, he met a nurse at purbalingga city. then tomorrow they will get marry. So maybe in few days I'll be absent in this great SEo contest. Now I can See my position about 40 in Google Search engine Result page or widely known as SERP. I don't care, It is OK, still far away from June. But I think I still can run after it in very short time Indeed. I have full of confidence, in Tukang Nggame accent.
Because I only work for this Tukang nggame seo Contest in part time nowadays. I am Pretty sure that i can not increase my position. Actually I wonder to they who submitted their blog to directories, Is it Ok? what if the top lis in SERP is topof blog? is it still considered as winner or the founder of the contest? honestly that is the big question in my mind now. Alas, as long as my page still exist in top 100 I'll do the best to increase my tukang nggame blog page to the peak of performance, then google would see they who want to seek information about tukang nggame is here. at tukang nggame -indonesia dot blogspot dot com.
The real Tukang nggame for all, strategy game, OK. Puzle game is alright. adventure game is no problem. what else? latest game of course there is no information here. how could I know what is the latest game if I never had a time to play recently? he he
this Yudhis contest is fun, really i appreciate his work. well done!

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