Tukang nggame seo tutorial:

Tukang nggame seo tutorial:
If you don't interest on learn how did Google create index documents that it accessed when processing a question of query, you may just skip this explanation, start the game as usual Tukang nggame did. I adopt following overview wonderful explanation How did Search Engines make job
Most of search engine i.e. Google runs on spreading network of thousands of cheap computers and therefore can bring fastest process in parallel way. Just like Tukang nggame strategy game did to their game on network, they like speed and precise of calculation, this Parallels processing are kind of method that computing in which this process is many more complicated calculations that could be performed simultaneously, significantly faster up data processor. Especially Google, it has few distinct components:
Googlebot, a web crawler who can find and take data of million web pages.
Indexer that sorts every word in every page and then store them to the index result of words in a giant database. IF YOU PUT words ‘tukang nggame’ in a page then it should be indexed then. I believe that you would confuse why tukang nggame appears in every sentence. You’ll know why later.
Query processor, that can compares every query to index and then recommends the data that it considers relevant.
Who is Googlebot? Is it a new kind of strategy game, if you’re pure tukang nggame then you would not want to know! But if you a instant tukang nggame just like me then you must be a contestant, hey he, hey he. Google Crawl robot, the robot game that could finds and retrieves every single pages (which not protected by password) on the web and immediately hands them to Mr Google Indexer. It’s should easier to imagine Googlebot as a game subject that appear as little spider scurrying across the cyberspace, but in reality The Robot Google Tukang Nggame crawler doesn’t traverse the web at all. It functions much like your web browser, by simply send a query to web server for a page, downloading the entire page, and finally give it to the Google Indexer.
Finally my dear friends Tukang nggame, Happy querying!

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