Tukang Nggame Suicide

How to Avoid Suicide in Tukang nggame or game online?
Suicide is a bad decision made by a fearful person who want to try to escape from reality. But it would be differ if the context is in game. Suicide there fore is a bad method to escape from real world. You should not do it even the situation is in despair should try to avoid aspect which may force you make suicide decision. Here will come i try to give guide how to avoid suicide, in real and in Tukang nggame version.

Some people will be easy to nervous and have softer heart . that kind of people easy gets irritated by simply accident of life . So they will decide to commit suicide and ending life theirselves. But before doing this, try to think bout your family and children. This memory of family that they will become orphans if u commit suicide. as in tukang nggame and in online mode or you may say it as game onliner, LIfe is just a game, If you think too serious about the Tukang Nggame then you ll definitely loose them, but if you still have the sense of fun, there only mean the opportuntity is still exist. But generally don't take the game serious and take the matter of your family serious. they need you when that tukang nggame is not.

Secondly , pure mind and soft Hearted man better avoid unnecessary Quarrels and debate with foe and friend or other. If you avoid such debate you may lead to peaceful life harmony mind. as in Tukang nggame this called, distract tactic to human and never try to distract attention of robot. he he :))

Third" forget about everything " for sample: dont think about yesterdays nor future . Relax, all thing is Ok all time. Keep your brain away from unnecessary thought about worry. remember Tukang nggame is fun not burden.

If you really wish to die with suicide action, follow these steps I warranty you may avoid to commit suicide .

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